Events Archive 2011

2011 Fraunhofer Events

Semicon Japan 2011

2011.12.07-09, Makuhari Messe (Chiba): Fraunhofer Booth at Semicon Japan 2011

CSM Workshop - Meeting Outgassing of clean room suitable materials

2011.12.06, Fraunhofer IPA workshop at German Cultural Center (Tokyo)

Newsest innovations for semiconductor industry from Saxony and Japan for better energy efficency

2011.12.05, New Otani Hotel (Tokyo): Presentations by Researchers from Fraunhofer ASSID, CNT, IPA

EcoDesign Seminar Tokyo - on Green Electronics in Europe

2011.11.29, Tokyo University: Fraunhofer Representative Office Japan supported Seminar

1st Fraunhofer IZM & NIMS Workshop on "Nano-technology and Environmental Engineering"

2011.11.25, National Institute for Materials Science Headquarters (Tsukuba): Collaboration-Workshop of Fraunhofer and NIMS

Care robotics workshop

2011.11.10, Deutsches Institut für Japanstudien (Tokyo): Fraunhofer Representative Office Japan supported Workshop

IREX 2011

2011.11.09 - 12, Fraunhofer IPA will have a booth at the "International Robots Exhibition IREX 2011" (Tokyo Big Sight)

Green Technology made in Germany - Efficient Use of Energy and Resources

2011.11.09, Fraunhofer Symposium at Tokyo International Forum (Yurakucho)

7th Fraunhofer Symposium in Sendai

2011.11.08, Koyo Grand Hotel, Sendai: Fraunhofer supports the MEMS Symposium

The memorial symposium for collaboration Fraunhofer IPA+AIST Kansai

2011.11.07, 13:30-16:25 at Breeze Plaza Small Hall (Osaka)

MOC'11 17th Microoptics Conference

2011.10.30 - 11.2, Fraunhofer IOF scientists will give a presentation and a talk at the conference (Sendai International Center)

FDP International 2011

2011.10.26-28. Fraunhofer IPA will have a booth at "FPD International 2011" (Pacifico Yokohama)

German-Japanese Workshop: Nanomaterials for Energy Applications

2011.10.25. Fraunhofer OPER will give a talk at the workshop (University of Tsukuba, International Conference Hall)

Science Expo Kansai 2011

2011.10.19-21. Fraunhofer IPA booth and lecture at "Science Expo Kansai" (Intex Osaka)

KKE Visions 2011

2011.10.12-14, Fraunhofer HHI scientists will give a talk at the KKE Vision 2011: Hilton Tokyo

CEATECH Japan 2011

2011.10.4-8, Makuhari Messe Chiba, Fraunhofer HHI and IIS will exhibit their latest developments.

Micromachine/MEMS 2011

2011.07.13-15, Tokyo Big Sight: Fraunhofer Booth at Micromachine/MEMS 2011

38th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology

2011.07.11-13, PACIFICO Yokohama, Fraunhofer Booth at 38th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Toxicology

EURASIAPAC information in J-BILAT Best Practice Sharing Workshop “EU-Japan Cooperation in ICT R&D”

2011.06.23, Nomura Conference Plaza Nihonbashi 6th Floor: Presentation about EURASIAPAC:  J-BILAT Best Practice Sharing Workshop “EU-Japan Cooperation in ICT R&D”


2011.4.13-15, Tokyo Big Sight: Fraunhofer HHI will have a booth at FOE 2011

IBP-WUFI Seminar Japan (2011)

2011.04.11, Kikai Shinkou Kaikan, Conference Room: Seminar for WUFI-software by Fraunhofer IBP

EU-Japan ICT Cooperation Forum

2011.3.15, Due to the Great East Japan Earthquake, the European Commission canceled the EU-Japan ICT Cooperation Forum

FC Expo 2011

2011.3.2-4, Tokyo Big Sight: Fraunhofer ICT will have a booth at FC Expo 2011

Battery Japan

2011.3.2-4, Tokyo Big Sight: Fraunhofer Battery Network will have a booth at Battery Japan

Japan-Germany New Battery Seminar

2011.2.28, AER Sendai: Fraunhofer Researchers present their latest R&D in the world of new battery

Seeds & Needs Seminar B - Saxony Seminar

2011.2.16, Tokyo Big Sight East Hall 6: five Fraunhofer Institutes present their latest research

nano tech 2011

2011.2.16-18, Tokyo Big Sight: Booths of several Fraunhofer Institutes

ISIM 2011 - International Symposium on Integrated Microsystems

2011.2.10, Tsukuba International Congress Center: Presentation of Fraunhofer ENAS

Fraunhofer Office for Process Engineering of Functional Materials and Robotics - Opening Seminar

2011.2.7, Hotel Hankyu International (Osaka)