Mobility and Transport

Whether it's jetting off on holiday, driving to work, visiting relatives, or simply going shopping, it all adds up to an entire lifetime spent on the move – on water, on land and in the air. Globalization has increased personal mobility as well as freight mobility: We eat kiwis from New Zealand, buy jeans made in China – products travel thousands of miles before they reach the consumer. Fraunhofer researchers are looking to control transportation and make it reliable, even eliminating it entirely at certain points, with the ultimate aim of managing resources sustainably. People need mobility and Fraunhofer is striving to meet these needs in a way that is compatible with humans and the environment.


We conduct research into:


Automotive Technology

Rail Technology

Aviation Research and Transport

Mobility Research

Shipping and Maritime Technologies

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Fraunhofer Transport Alliance

The Fraunhofer Transport Alliance combines the traffic-engineering expertise of Fraunhofer Institutes. The members develope technical and conceptual solutions for public as well as industrial clients and converts these into practical applications.