Innovation Triad at Kansai

IST x OMTRI x Fraunhofer IPA Joint Symposium

Date&Time: February 20th, 2017 (Mo.), 13:00-17:30, *Reception 17:45-19:45
Venue: Room B01+02, Knowledge Capital Conference Room Tower B, North Tower B 10F, Grand Front Osaka
Organizers: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology AIST
Osaka Municipal Technical Research Institute OMTRI
Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA
Supporters: METI Kansai, City of Osaka, Kansai Economic Federation, Osaka Chamber and Commerce, Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany Osaka-Kobe
Languages: Japanese, English (with simultaneous interpretation)
Max. Available: for 100 participants
Participation Fee: Free (registration needed, reception participation fee: 3,000 JPY)



12:30 Entry

13:00 Opening Remarks

Dr. Masahiro SETO (Vice President, AIST)
Dr. Masami NAKAMOTO (President, OMTRI)
Mr. Ivica KOLARIC (Head of Department, Dept. Functional Materials, Fraunhofer IPA and Co-Director, Fraunhofer Project Center at AIST Kansai)

13:15 Greetings

Dr. Werner KÖHLER (Consul General, Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Osaka-Kobe)
Mr. Jun YOSHINO (Director-General, Economic Policy Dept., The Kansai Bureau, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
Mr. Masayuki INOUE (Director-General, Economic Strategy Bureau, Osaka City Government)

- Session 1 -

13:30 Keynote
„Researches and Supports for SME at OMTRI / Developments by Collaboration“
Dr. Toshinobu OHNO (Executive Director, Research, OMTRI)

„Preparation of Titanium Oxide Films by Electrolysis from Aqueous Solution“
Dr. Masaya CHIGANE (Director, Electronic Materials Research Div., OMTRI)

- Session 2 -

14:20 Keynote
„Transition of the German Transportation Industry, Internet of Things and Its Impact on Nanomaterials“
Mr. Ivica KOLARIC (Head of Department, Dept. Functional Materials, Fraunhofer IPA)

„Production of Nano Carbon Enhanced Supercapacitors“
Ms. Laura BOONEN (Dept. Functional Materials, Fraunhofer IPA)

15:10 Break

- Session 3 -

15:40 Keynote
„Research & Development of Ionic Polymer Actuators for Commercial Applications“
Dr. Kinji ASAKA (Group Leader, Inorganic Functional Material Research Institute, AIST)

„Point of Care Diagnostic Kit Using CNT Electroactive Polymer-Based Pipette System“
Dr. Yusuke FUCHIWAKI (Visiting Researcher, Health Research Institute, AIST)

„Research and Development on Nanocarbon Polymer Actuatros and International Collaboration with Fraunhofer IPA“
Dr. Takushi SUGINO (Senior Researcher, Innorganic Functional Material Research Institute, AIST)

- Session 4 -

„Improving Material Performance and Foster New Applications with CNH“
Dr. Tsuzuki KITAMURA (CEO, NTB) / Dr. Nobert MOLITOR (CEO, TIE GmbH)

„Bando‘s Conductive Ink and Paste, FlowMetal®“
Dr. Takuya TOMURA (Optical and Electronic Materials Technology Development Dept., Research and Development Center, Bando Chemical Industries, Ltd.)


17:30 Closing Remarks
Dr. Yasuo HASEGAWA (Director, AIST-Kansai)

Networking Reception
Venue: Conference Room B08 (Participation Fee: 3,000 JPY)



Please let us know via e-mail (triad-sympo-ml[at]aist.go.jp) with following information by February 10th, 2017:
1) Full name 2) Organization 3) Participation into the reception (Y/N)


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