ISIM 2011 - International Symposium on Integrated Microsystems

Date & Time: February 10th (Thu.), 2011, 9:30-19:30
Venue: Tsukuba International Congress Center - Epochal Tsukuba (access information)

The first International Symposium on Integrated Microsystems (ISIM2011) will be held on 10th Feb. 2011 at Tsukuba, Japan.
One of the main topics of this symposium is to share and discuss the most recent achievements of the project "Heterogeneous Integrated Microsystems", conducted under the direction by Professor Esashi at Tohoku University, main researcher of one of the Japanese Funding Programs for World-Leading Innovative R&D on Science and Technology (FIRST).
The other object of the symposium is to discuss about the international collaboration on MEMS industry promotion among the attendees from different backgrounds and nationalities. We would like to share and discuss about the ideal platform for MEMS industrialization to fill the commercialization gap from R&D, prototype to large scale production. 

Prof. Thomas GESSNER (Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nano Systems ENAS) will hold a presentation about “Smart Systems Integration by using advanced MEMS technologies”.

Symposium Program

Project report (9:30-11:50)   
09:30   Introduction of the “Integrated Microsystems” project
Prof. M. ESASHI (Tohoku Univ.)

09:50   Initial stage prototyping for the hetero integration
Prof. S. TANAKA  (Tohoku Univ.)

10:10   Hands-on access to fabrication facility
Prof. K. TOTSU (Tohoku Univ.)

10:30   Massive parallel EB exposure systems
Prof. M. ESASHI (Tohoku Univ.)

10:50   Introduction of the “AIST Integrated Micro System Research Center”

11:10   Production stage prototyping for the hetero integration

11:30   High efficiency production of integrated MEMS

11:50   Lunch and poster session

"International collaboration and MEMS foundry – from R&D prototyping to production –"  (13:00-16:55)
13:00    SVTC (USA) 

13:20   “Imec CMORE SiGe MEMS technology platform” (tentative)
Dr. Stephane DONNAY (IMEC - Belgium) 

13:40   Dr. Laurent MALIER  (LETI - France)

14:00   “Smart Systems Integration by using advanced MEMS technologies”
Prof. Thomas GESSNER  (Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nano Systems ENAS - Germany)

14:20   “MEMS for biological applications and energy”
Prof. Candido Fabrizio PIRRI (Torino Institute of Technology - Italy)

14:40   “Wafer-Level Heterogeneous Integration Techniques for MEMS and IC”
Prof. Goran STEMME (Royal Institute of Technology KTH - Sweden)

15:00    Coffee break

15:15   “MEMS production strategy of devise company and Open innovation” tentative

15:35   “New age of MEMS large wafer scale production”  tentative
Dr. K. SUZUKI (Dainippon printing - Japan)

15:55   “MEMS process integration and volume production”
Dr. Jerwei HSIEH (APM - Taiwan)

16:15   Prof. Heng YANG (SIMIT - China)

16:35   “Asian collaboration on MEMS large scale production”
Dr. CHOI (RFID/USN Center - Korea)

16:55  Closing

17:30 -19:30  Poster session and discussion

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Tohoku University - Micro System Integration Center - Mr. Takojima
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E-mail tako@mems.mech.tohoku.ac.jp