2nd Waseda University & Fraunhofer IESE joint seminar "IT management supported by data and software quality" - goal-oriented measurement and improvement, practice and global foresight of GQM+Strategies

Date&Time: Sep. 4th, 2015 (Fr.) 13:30-17:30 (afterward reception *tbc)
Venue: Waseda University, Nishi-Waseda Campus Bldg. 57, room 
Participation fee: free (reception: around 4,000 JPY)
                                   *registration needed, max. 200 seats
Co-organized by:
    Waseda University Global Software Engineering Lab.
     Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering IESE
Supported by (tbc.):
    Information Technology Promotion Agency (IPA)
    Software Reliability Enhancement Center
    Computer Software Association of Japan (CSAJ)

<PROGRAM (tentative)>

13:30    Opening

Session 1: Overview and Case Studies of GQM+Strategies

13:35    GQM+Strategies Introduction (in English)
            Jens Heidrich (Fraunhofer IESE)

14:05    GQM+Strategies Case Studies (in English)
            Jens Heidrich (Fraunhofer IESE)

14:20    Case Studies of GQM+Strategies in Japan (tentative)
            Norifumi Nomura (Itochu Techno-Solutions Corp., 
            Researcher, Waseda University Global Software Engineering Lab.)

14:35    Q&A

14:45    Break

Session 2: Latest Research on GQM+Strategies and Relevant Technologies

14:55    GQM+Strategies for technical debt in software systems and
            big data in smart ecosystems (in English)
            Jens Heidrich (Fraunhofer IESE)

15:25    Detectioning Conflict and Inconsistency of Organizational Strategy
            Yohei Aoki (Waseda University Global Software Engineering Lab.)

15:40    Utilizing GQM for Yahoo! Crowdsourcing Service Operation
            (Service Target, Strategies, Application to KPI)
            Kentaro Ogawa (Yahoo! JAPAN)

15:55    Q&A

16:05    Break

Session 3: Reality and Global Standard of Goal-oriented and Software Quality 

16:15    ISO/IEC 25000 SQuaRE Series
            Toshihiro Komiyama (Executive expert, NEC & Researcher at Waseda
            University Global Software Engineering Lab.)

16:35    PSQ Certification System Utilizing SQuaRE Series (tentative)
            Tadashi Nakano (CSAJ)

16:55    IPA RISE Contract Research: Quality Evaluation Framework
            under Quality Survey for Software Benchmark

            Hironori Washizaki
            (Director, Waseda University Global Software Engineering Lab.)

17:15    Q&A

17:25    Closing

18:00-   Reception



Please sing up here. If you wish to join the reception, please sing up by September 1st.



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