Symposium "Toward the most innovative country"

-Realization of innovation national system-
University reformation and reinforcement of research organizations with the bridge function in another dimention

Date&Time: September 17th, 2015 (Thu.) 9:30-12:30
Venue: Iino Hall (2-1-1 Uchisaiwai-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
Participation Fee: free (registration needed)
Language: Japanese, English
Organized by: Cabinet Secretariat, National Institute of Advanced
                    Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
Supported by: Cabinet Office, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports,
                    Science and Technology (MEXT), Ministry of Economy,
                     Trade and Industry (METI), Keidanren

Institute director from Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy System ISE will have a talk at the symposium "toward the most innovative country".


Opening Remarks    Dr. Ryoji Chubachi
                            President, AIST

Keynote 1       "Innovation National System"
                    Mr. Akira Amari
                    Minister in charge of Economic Revitalization
                    Minister in charge of Total Reform of Social Security and Tax
                    Minister of State for Economic and Fiscal Policy

Keynote 2        "Universities for Specific Research, Excellent Graduate
                    School, Excellent Researcher"
                    Prof. Kazuhito Hashimoto
                    School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo

Talk 1            "Bridge Function at Fraunhofer"
                    Prof. Eicke Weber
                    Institute director, Fraunhofer ISE

Talk 2            "Examples of 'Bridge' Research at AIST"
                    Dr. Yuko Yasunaga
                    Vice president, AIST

Talk 3            "Stanford University and Start-Ups"
Prof. Robert L. Byer
                    Applied Physics, Stanford university

Talk 4            "Right Course for the University of Tokyo in the future"
                    Prof. Makoto Gonokami
                    President, the university of Tokyo


Panel discussion
"Japanese Universities change - Commercialization of technological
Seeds, Support for Start-Ups"

(MC: Prof. Kazuhito Hashimoto)
Prof. Makoto Gonokami
Prof. Takahiro Ueyama (Vice president, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)
Mr. Tadashi Onodera (Keidanren | Chairman, KDDI)
Prof. Hiroaki Suga (School of Science, Graduate School, the University of Tokyo |
Outside director, Peptidream Inc.)

Closing Remarks        Mr. Hiroshi Yoshimoto
                              Cabinet Secretariat



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