6th Film Tech Japan

Date&Time: April 8-10, 2015, 10:00-18:00 (10:00-17:00 on April 10)
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight 


Technologies from Fraunhofer Institute for Electron Beam, Plasma Technology and COMEDD FEP and Fraunhofer Polymer Surface Alliance POLO will be introduced at Film Tech Japan (Booth No.: 19-9 "Surftech Transnational").


  • Plasma gun LAVOPLAS (Fraunhofer FEP)

Hollow cathode high density plasma source for ultra high rate PVD, CVD & etching 

It can be used for plasma CVD as well as for plasma-activated deposition and plasma etching when a high flux of ions is required. This can be used also as the linear plasma source by placing them in-line, which is suitable for R2R process.
Experience in max. width: 2.8m, Beam current:100~200A/gun, Deposition rate: 100 times of that of sputtering.

  • Flexible OLED lighting (Fraunhfoer FEP)

Transparent & flexible OLED lighting made by R2R process using POLO high barrier film 

  • Transparent & flexible OLED lighting was realized as a roll of 30cm width
  • POLO high barrier film was used as the substrate
  • Low molecule organic materials were deposited by R2R vacuum evaporation 
  • RM cathode of FEP was used for thin film Al2O3 encapusulation
  • R2R wet coating was used for patterning by insulating layer formation.
  • Perfect encapsulation was done by using R2R lamination system 
  • High-barrier film (Fraunhofer POLO)

Transparent high-barrier film for organic electronics made by roll-to-roll pilot production line

Transparent inorganic barrier layers are deposited by using reactive dual magnetron sputtering and sol-gel coating in a roll-to-roll pilot plant.

  • Substrate material: PET(Melinex 400CW, 75nano-m)
  • WVTR at 38DegreesC/ 90% r.h.: 4x10-4g/(m2d)
  • OTR at 23DegreesC/0% r.h.:<5x10-3cm3/(m2d bar)(below measurement limit)
  • VLT(spectrum adaptable to application): 82%
  • Roll width max 460mm, length max 500m


Dr. Koichi Suzuki

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