Renewable energy frontier FUKUSHIMA

Research results from FY2013 

Date & Time: May 16th, 2014 (Fr.), 13:30-17:00
Venue: Wedding LT (1-10-41 Noda, Fukushima)
Participation Fee: for free (reception participation fee: 3,000 JPY)
Organized by: Fukushima region renewable energy innovation promotion
Co-organized by: Prefecture Fukushima, Industrial promotion center of Prefecture Fukushima, Fukushima Univeristy, the University of Aizu, Nihon University Engineering Faculty, Iwaki Meisei University



13:30            Opening

13:30-13:45   Opening remarks
                    Prefecture Fukushima, MEXT, Fukushima University

13:45-14:35   Keynote lecture (with simultaneous interpretation)
                    Prof. Eike WEBER, Director, Fraunhofer Solar Energy System ISE

14:35-15:15   Break
                    Poster session & exhibition (another venue)

~ Activities and Results Report: Regional Innovation Strategy Promotion Program ~

15:15-15:30   Measures and policies of Prefecture Fukushima
                    Mr. Takashi YOSHIDA, Prefecture Fukushima

15:30-15:45   Program overview
                    Mr. Yasuhiro HATTORI, Project director

15:45-16:10   Research results
                    Prof. Akira WATANABE, Fukushima University

16:10-16:55   Activities for commercialization

・Development situation and potential of solar power generation
 Prof. Michio KONDOH, Fukushima University

・Utilization of geo-heat and housing
 Mr. Juichi KAGEYAMA, CEO, Kageyama Co., Ltd.

・Commercialization activities of compact type wind power generation
 Mr. Kenichi MURAMATSU, CEO, Kitashiba Electric Co., Ltd.

17:00        Closing

17:15-       Reception

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