FC EXPO 2012 - 8th Int'l Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Expo

Date: February 29th - March 2nd, 2012
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight (West Hall 2F / W21-4 [German Pavillion])

The FC Expo 2012 is the World's Largest Exhibition and Conference specialised in Hydrogen & Fuel Cell.
Technologies, knowledge, talks, decisions and people from all over the world will gethered in 300 exhibitors and over 120,000 expected visitors from the smart energy profession. One of these exhibitors will be the Fraunhofer Institute of Chemical Technology ICT.

The Fraunhofer ICT is strongly engaged in the development of electrochemical systems for a more efficient use of renewable energies. At their booth at the FC Expo 2012 they will present some recent developments in this area such as "Direct alcohol fuel cells" with alkaline anion exchange membranes, "Vanadium Air Batteries" or "HT-PEM direct alcohol fuel cells" which offer the chance to efficiently use alcohols in applications up to kW scale.

Furthermore, Fraunhofer IKTS will exhibit one of their latest technology:

eneramic® - 100W remote power SOFC system using fueled by LPG

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