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Lasers make the lotus effect on aircraft

Filigree engravings on external surfaces of aircraft are intended to ensure that airflow remains smooth and drag on the aircraft low. For this, engineers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology IWS, the Technische Universität Dresden and Airbus have developed a laser process that produces textured surfaces at high throughput making surface contamination more difficult.


3D-Printing: Support structures to prevent vibrations in post-processing operations

High surface quality in metallic components can often be achieved by milling or grinding, that often cause vibrations which impact negatively on accuracy and on machining time. The Fraunhofer IPT and ILT therefore expand the design of components made in additive processes, to include support structures which increase the stiffness of the susceptible areas and reduce vibrations.


Rapid spectroscopic process analysis for the development and control of flexible production processes

Global competition in the chemical industry requires shorter process development times and  efficient production processes. By combining micro chemical engineering and spectroscopic process analysis, an extremely fast screening can be achieved and the time-to-market can be shortened.


With low pressure to the lightweight aircraft

Engineers at the Fraunhofer IWS in Dresden have developed an innovative process in cooperation with industrial partners to weld and form modern lightweight parts for aircraft. To produce complexly shaped and large-format components from particularly light aluminum alloys IWS experts combine two processes: friction stir welding (FSW), in which a rotating tool ensures the necessary heat during welding, and the so-called creep-forming process. 

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