Security and Protection

Security and Protection

Day after day we read and hear in the media about natural disasters, accidents and terrorist attacks. Such news items are a stark reminder of how vulnerable our society is. The objective of safety researchers is to provide people and the environment with the best possible protection from threats. They adopt a long-term approach in order to gain control of all the different phases that occur in a disaster, focusing on early detection, prevention, direct protection and quickly overcoming the consequences of a disastrous event.

We Conduct Research into:

  • Sniffer Devices Detect Hazardous Substance
  • Saving Lives with Disaster and Crisis Management
  • Robust Buildings and Tunnels
  • Protecting Infrastructures
  • Restoration and Protection of Cultural Property
  • IT Security

Further Information

Fraunhofer Group for Defence and Security

Fraunhofer institutes have joined together in this group to coordinate and implement their research activities in defense and security.

Beyond Tomorrow Project

  • Saving lives with SENEKA