The 2012 International Conference on Flexible and Printed Electronics ICFPE2012

Date: September 6th - 8th, 2012
Venue: Yasuda Auditorium, Hongo Campus The University of Tokyo

ICFPE 2012 aims to gather and evaluate all the aspects of science, technology, and business in the fields of printed and flexible electronics (FPE) and to review emerging applications in the fields of flexible and printed electronics.

Dr. Karlheinz Bock of Fraunhofer EMFT and Prof. Reinhard Baumann of Fraunhofer ENAS will hold invited talks in the following sessions:

Session 19: "Packaging and interconnects for advanced flexible and printable circuit boards"

September 6th, 12:50 - 14:55
Speaker: Karlheinz Bock (Fraunhofer EMFT)
Title: "Polytronics - Integration of multiple functions for flexible systems"

Session 17: "Nano-inks and related technology"

September 7th, 12:50 - 17:30
Speaker: Reinhard Baumann (Fraunhofer ENAS)
Title:"Functionality Formation in Printed Electronics Manufacturing"

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