IBP-WUFI Workshop in Japan 2009

Date & Time: April 21.-23., 2009
Venue: Room 62 (6F), Promotion of machine industry Bldg. (3-5-8 Shiba-Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011)

The Developers of WUFI® from Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (Fraunhofer IBP) will give you a three-days workshop. WUFI® is a PC-program for calculating the coupled heat and moisture transfer in building components and with WUFI® realistic calculation of the transient hygrothermal behaviour of multi-layer building components exposed to natural climate conditions is possible.


- 1st day (April 21, 2009): Beginner course 13:00-17:00
- 2nd day (April 22, 2009): Practical course 9:00-17:00
- 3rd day (April 23, 2009): Advanced course 9:00-17:00
*One-day participation is possible
*The prescribed enrollment for each course is 30 person


- 1st day: 10,000 Yen
- 2nd day: 25,000 Yen (incl. lunch)
- 3rd day: 25,000 Yen (incl. lunch)
* For students 30,000 Yen academic discount would be offered