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Fraunhofer Cleaning Technology Alliance

The cleaning of surfaces is the subject of research at a number of Fraunhofer Institutes engaged in different spheres of activity. No single institute focuses exclusively on cleaning technology. The capabilities of the individual institutes are pooled in the alliance, so that the entire process chain relating to cleaning can be addressed. In addition to different cleaning techniques, the chain of activity involved in cleaning technology also encompasses the upstream and downstream processes. 

Upstream processes deal with process analysis, where the emphasis lies on preventive measures to avoid contamination and reduce the necessity and cost of cleaning. Downstream processes include quality assurance of the cleaning work, drying technology for wet-chemical cleaning processes, and the environmentally compatible disposal of waste products and used solvents. To cover the entire range of cleaning technologies used in different sectors of industry, the alliance has defined separate areas of business focusing on the cleaning of buildings and structures, sanitation and hygiene, cleaning in microsystems engineering, surface cleaning prior to coating, and cleaning of electronic components.

Business Areas

  • Industrial cleaning of parts and semi-finished products 
  • Cleaning in maintenance
  • Surface pre-treatment before coating 
  • Cleaning in the field of microsystems engineering
  • Cleaning in hygiene-relevant areas
  • Cleaning for the preservation of cultural assets
  • Further education

Spokesman of the alliance

Martin Bilz

Spokesman of the Fraunhofer Cleaning Technology Alliance

Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology IPK

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