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Fraunhofer Photocatalysis Alliance

Photocatalytic active coating systems with self-cleaning, anti-bacterial, foul-resistant or fog-reducing characteristics are the central focus of the R&D work carried out by the Fraunhofer Photocatalysis Alliance.  

The aim of the alliance is the development of new material and coating concepts for higher-performance photocatalysts and their application on various surfaces such as glass, plastics and metals. 

The eight participating institutes bring a comprehensive, diverse set of competencies to the alliance: material, coating and process development, analysis techniques and test and measurement systems for assessing biological activity and ecotoxicological environmental impact.

Business Areas

  • Switchable coatings
  • Coatings for indoor applications
  • Coatings on glass and ceramics
  • Coatings on plastics
  • Analytical techniques and activity measurement
  • Biocompatibility testing and environmental impact assessment

Spokesman of the alliance

Dr. Michael Vergöhl

Spokesman of the Fraunhofer Photocatalysis Alliance

Fraunhofer Institute for Thin Films and Surface Engineering IST

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