Revenue from work with international customers and partners 2010–2015

  • International revenue continues to grow
  • Highest growth rate of 33 percent registered in Asia
  • Added value through scientific cooperation

International cooperation with high-caliber research partners and innovative companies around the world enables Fraunhofer to secure its future by strengthening its capacity for innovation. By working in collaboration with the best in every field, Fraunhofer is able to meet future global challenges with innovative and durable solutions. Fraunhofer’s internationalization strategy focuses on managing its research activities in a competitive international environment and builds on the principle that the essential aspects of any strategic international collaboration are that it creates scientific added value for Fraunhofer while generating positive effects both for Germany and for the partner country concerned. In 2015, revenue generated from projects with international partners increased by 5 percent to a total of €291 million (excluding license-fee revenue). This sum includes €27 million in income that Fraunhofer’s international subsidiaries generated with third parties.