2nd International IEEE Workshop on Low Temperature Bonding for 3D Integration

Date & Time: January 19-20, 2010
Venue: The University of Tokyo, Hongo

This workshop aims at 3D-LSI /photonic/MEMS packaging based on rapidly emerging low-temperature bonding technology as well as other high density inter-connect technologies. This workshop solicits papers that document new developments and cover the full range of basic science, process technologies, and device applications of low-temperature bonding technology. Presentations on bonding of novel materials to synthesize heterostructures, products applications of 3D integration of LSI/photonic/ MEMS devices are also encouraged.

At this workshop some researchers from Fraunhofer institutes will give lectures in the sessions "low temperature bonding: new methods" and "3D Integration".

January 19. Tuesday

9:00- Registration

Opening Remarks
by Conference Chair Prof. T. Suga

<Conference Keynote>
Surface Activated Bonding - An Overview and Cu Direct Bonding
by Tadatomo Suga, The University of Tokyo; Akitsu Shigeto, NIMS

<Low Temperture Bonding: Fundamentals>
Low Temperature Bonding of Thermally Mismatched Substrates
by Shari Farrens, SUSS Micro Tec.

Low Temperature Plasma or CMP Assisted Direct Bonding
by H. Moriceau, F.Rieutord, L. Di Cioccio, P. Gueguen, S. Pocas, F. Foumel, C. Morales, CEA, LETI, MINATEC

Low Temperature Direct Oxide Bonding (ZiBond) and Direct Bond Interconnect (DBI)
by Paul Enquist, Ziptronix, Inc.

12:00-13:30 Lunch

<Low temperature Bonding: Applications>
Wafer Level 3D Integration Enabled by Low Temperature Bonding Technology
by Ionut Radu, Mariam Sadaka, SOITEC

Low Temperature Direct Wafer Bonding Process for Back Side Illumination Image Sensors and 3D Stacking
by A. Castex, M. Broekaart, L Marinier, E. Neyret, S. Golliet, M. Haye, E. Davienne, S. Molinari, M. Martinez, S. Signamarcheix, R. Fontaniere, C. Lagahe, SOITEC

Wafer Bonding for Backside Illuminated CMOS Image Sensors Fabrication: Challenges and Promises
by Viorel Dragoi, EV Group

Low Temperature Wafer Bonding Processes and their Application to Microfabrication
by Alain Bosseboeuf, University Paris South

15:40-16:00 COFFEE BREAK

<Low Temperature Bonding: New Method>
Hydrophobic Wafer Bonding and Characterization of the Interface Dislocations
by Manfred Reiche, Max-Planck Institut for Mikrostrukturphysik, Halle

Status of Low Temperature Wafer Bonding Using Reactive Multilayer Films
by B. Boettge*1, M. Petzold*1, M. Wiemer*2 and J. Bagdahn*3, 1: Fraunhofer IWM; 2: Fraunhofer ENAS; 3: Fraunhofer CSP

Nanoporous Gold for Low Temperature Bonding
by Hermann Oppermann, L. Dietrich, M. Klien, H. Reichel, Fraunhofer IZM

Direct Wafer Bonding of ALD Al2O3
by T. Suni*1,3, R.L. Puurunen *1, O. Zlivaara*1, K. Henttinen*2, T. Ishida*3, H. Fujita*3, 1: VTT Technical Research Center of Finland, 2: Okmetic Oyj, 3: Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo

18:30- RECEPTION (Restaurant Capo Pellicano)

January 20. Wednesday

<Surface Activated Bonding: Fundamentals and Volume Production>
Low Temperature Process for Micro-assembly of Opto-Microsystems using Surface Activated Bonding Method
by Eiji Higurashi, The University of Tokyo 

Bumpless Wafer Level Bonding for Vertical Integration MEMS
by Makoto Moriguchi, OMRON

Investigation of Adhesion in Clad Materials by SAB Method and its Application in Volume Productions
by Hironao Okayama, Toyo Kohan Co., Ltd.

Temperature Compensated LiTaO3/Sapphire SAW Devices Using Surface Activated Bonding
by M. Miura, T. Matsuda, M. Ueda, Y. Satoh*1, T. Nishizawa*2 and H. Takagi*3, 1: Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., 2: Fujitsu Media Devices Ltd., 3: AIST

Atomic Diffusion Bonding of  Wafers with Thin Nanocrystalline Metal Films
by Takehito Shimatsu, Tohoku University

11:00-11:15 SHORT BREAK



<3D Integration>
3D Integration and its Process
by Eric Beyne, IMEC 

Low Temperature Die-Level Bonding for 3D Packaging, 3D Stacked Integrated Circuits and 3D Silicon Interposers
by Dorota Tempel, RTI

Temporary Wafer Bonding for Wafer Thinning and Backside Processing - Key Technology for 3D System Integration
by K. Zoschke, M.J. Wolf, O. Ehrmann, H. Reichel, Fraunhofer IZM 

3D Stacking of Multiple Silicon Plates using Direct Wafer Bonding for Novel Lightweight Focusing X-Ray Optics
by R. Gunther, M. Ackermann and M. Collon, Cosine Research BV

15:50-16:10 COFFEE BREAK

<Layer Transfer in Wafer Bonding>
Germanium to Silicon Low Temperature Direct Bonding and Layer Transfer Using Remote Plasma Activation
by Cindy Colinge, Tyndall National Institute

Novel Low Damage and Low Temperature Direct Wafer Bonding Processes Using Buried Oxide Protection Layers for Fabricating III-V-On-Insulator on Si Structures
by M. Yokoyama*1, T. Yasuda*2, H. Takagi*2, H. Yamada*3, Y. Urabe*2, H. Ishii*2, N. Fukuhara*3, M. Hata*3, M. Sugiyama*1, Y. Nakano*1, M. Takenaka*1 and S. Takagi*1, 1: The University of Tokyo, 2: AIST, 3: Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd. 

Understanding Strain and Strain Relaxation during Layer Transfer and Patterning in Wafer Bonding
by Helmut Baumgart, Old Dominion University

Closing Remarks
by Prof. Cindy Colinge

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