Fraunhofer ISC at Nano Tech 2009

Fraunhofer Institute ISC

The speciality of ISC are inorganic-organic hybrid polymers (ORMOCER®s) and their applications in microoptics, interconnection technology and packaging, as well as in secondary batteries. This year, the highlights will be their application in high-power LED devices and in “direct write” interconnection technology.

• Together with the Fraunhofer-IOF an awarded design and process was developed for concentrators made by plastic injection molding. The tandem lens arrays of the secondary optics are replicated reflow lenses with numerical apertures up to 0.25 carried out into UV-curable ORMOCER® on both sides of a float glass substrate wafer.

• The Fraunhofer Institutes ISC, IFAM, IZM and IIS developed together and present the first time a multilayer board based on nano-materials (ORMOCER®s) and patterned silver-lines based on nano-silver dispersions that are both applied with inkjet and aerosol-technology (see picture).

Fraunhofer ISC