2009 AMIC nanotech Seminar

Date & Time: Feb. 23, 2009, 13:30-17:00
Venue: AMIC (Advanced Materials Innovation Center), Yokkaichi, Mie

Since June 2008, Fraunhofer has a partnership with Mie Industry and Enterprises Support Center (MIESC) and has been collaborating with AMIC - Advanced Materials Innovation Center in Yokkaichi-City.

On the occasion of the world biggest "nano tech 2009", we will have a joint seminar on nanotechnology, together with Nanostructures Research Laboratory (of Japan Fine Ceramics Center, Nagoya).
We will introduce you hybrid polymer "ORMOCER(R)" and Fraunhofer Alliance Nanotechnology. Please join our seminar on Feb.23!

PROGRAM *Free entry, with japanese-english interpretation

Opening Remarks

- 1st Session: Fraunhofer Seminar -

Introduction of Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
by Dr. Lorenz GRANRATH, Representative of Fraunhofer Representative Office Japan

Fraunhofer Alliance Nanotechnology: Examples for material developments with chemical nanotechnologies
by Dr. Karl-Heinz HAAS, Fraunhofer ISC

Functional Class-II- Sol-Gel Hybrids (ORMOCERs): Benefits for Polymer Ionic Conductors from an
Application Point of View
by Dr. Michael POPALL, Fraunhofer ISC

15:10-15:25 Break

- 2. Session: MIE Nanotech Seminar -

Introduction of JFCC and Nanostructures Research Laboratory
by Mr. Masaki OGAWA, Director of Japan Fine Ceramics Center (JFCC)

Industrial Innovation through Nanotechnology: Visualisation and Construction of Materials
by Prof. Yuichi IKUHARA, Professor of Tokyo University and Guest chief researcher of JFCC

Closing Remarks