Fraunhofer in Japan

Fraunhofer Project Center for Electroactive Polymers at AIST Kansai

Fraunhofer Project Center for Electroactive Polymers at AIST Kansai (FPC at AIST Kansai) is installed on October 2nd, 2014.

In this joint laboratory researchers from Fraunhofer IPA and from Inorganic Functional Materials Research Institute, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology AIST, will intensify the collaborative research on electroactive polymers (EAP)* toward commercialization of devices using EAP, under the direction of Dr. Kinji Asaka (AIST) and Mr. Ivica Kolaric (Fraunhofer IPA).

The development objectives are:


  1. development of new materials for EAP actuators
  2. development of device prototypes
  3. development of scale-up methods

Mainly AIST is in charge of the material development and Fraunhofer is responsible for the processing development and system integration. So here the competences of both parties will be compensated and maximized.




The development direction of process technologies and applications will be evaluated by and consulted with advisory board members from companies in Japan and Germany. 


*Electroactive polymers are polymers that exhibit a change in size or shape when stimulated by an electric field. The most common applications of EAP are in actuators and sensors. 





Brochure Fraunhofer Project Center at AIST Kansai